Series on an important topic – homosexuality

One of the more heated debates in modern America has to do with gay marriage.  Should it be legal?  Is such a union legitimate at all?  At the heart of the discussion is the morality of homosexuality itself.  Is it really sinful?  Churches and secular culture, once largely in agreement on this topic, are now at odds, with the latter defending vehemently the right to express one’s sexuality as he or she desires.  Even many professing Christians are now voicing support for gay marriage.  Others have fallen silent, instead focusing on building friendships, and shunning any type of controversy that might hinder their mission.

There are many questions to be answered, and misunderstandings and misconceptions abound.  My hope is to list some of the major objections to a Christian understanding of homosexuality and offer an honest, reasonable, and gentle response.  Here is a list of some the topics to be discussed (though more may be added):

Jesus never condemned homosexuality.  Rather, he showed love and acceptance to everyone.  Should not Christians follow his example?

Why do churches harp on homosexuality so much?  Aren’t there many other sins they’re ignoring? 

Why appeal to Leviticus to condemn homosexual practice when you ignore all of the other laws?  Do you pick up sticks on the Sabbath?  Do you wear clothes with different types of fabric?  It seems that Christians are picking and choosing.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah was about the townspeople being inhospitable, not about being homosexuals. 

Paul was simply teaching the sexual mores of his day.  He did not have access to what modern science has shown about the genetic aspects.

Homosexuality is a desire that is proven to be genetic.  It is also proven to be unalterable.  Yet churches continue to teach that LGBT’s can change their orientation.  Why do you continue to deny the obvious?

Many LGBT’s want to worship and serve God, but feel excluded.  Shouldn’t churches follow the lead of many other Christian congregations by welcoming homosexuals into their fellowship and realizing that they have something to offer?  Isn’t this the example Jesus set forth? 


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