A Preview of Upcoming Posts

Here are some posts that should be published sometime in the (hopefully) not-to-distant future.  Life is extremely busy, so there’s little time to fully flesh out my thoughts.  Honestly, part of the purpose in listing these topics is to keep myself accountable with my time and to remind me of what I’ve started on.  There’s no particular order of arrival here.  Most should be posted by the end of July, the rest by Fall sometime.  Of course there will be some other posts interspersed as well, but these should provide a taste of what’s coming.

Thoughts on the Shroud of Turin – Is this a medieval relic or the real burial cloth of Christ?  Where does the evidence lead?  And how should Christians approach this issue?

John 6: An Assessment of Recent Arminian Interpretations – John 6:37, 44, 65, and a few other verses in John have long been hailed as unassailably Calvinistic.  However, there have been a couple of recent interpretations that offer what seem to be reasonable alternatives.  What do we make of these?

Dennis Prager and Prayer – Prager has some interesting views concerning prayer supplications.  This post will analyze this from what we find in Scripture, both OT and NT. 

LOST: Some Theological Issues Raised in the Show – The show has ended, but there’s a wealth of theological matters to be discussed.  This could be a series of posts.

The Theological Implications of 1 Sam. 19:19-24 – Can God overcome human resistance to his will?  Does God overcome human resistance to his will?  This little discussed passage provides some profound insights into the issue of God’s sovereignty and human freedom.

Prayer “Studies” – Various studies on the efficacy of prayer indicate that it’s effective, at least in cases of illness.  Some studies dispute these claims.  Should Christians pay any attention to such studies?

McDonald’s, Shrek & children – An analysis of the inconsistencies of culture and why Christianity makes so much more sense.

A Brief Discussion of “Absolute Nothingness” – Amazingly, many self-proclaimed atheists and agnostics have no qualms with the idea that before the universe began there was absolutely nothing.  They appeal to quantum mechanics and the apparent appearance and disappearance of particles.  What do we make of these claims?  

The Unforgivable Sin – This post will examine the passage where Jesus talks about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  Is this only final unbelief in the gospel?  Or is it something else?

The Bane of Athiesm – Why atheism simply does not work.  A look at issues such as ethics, morality, justice, and inalienable rights, and why atheism cannot provide a viable foundation for any of these.

Additional posts will include Scriptural meditations and continuing the series on objections to the resurrection.


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