Meditation: Colossians 1:9-12

I began reading Colossians with the purpose of reading the whole book in one sitting.  It was not my intent to stay too long on any one portion, but rather to swallow it all, grasping the main ideas to get an overview.  However, I found that I could not leave the first fourteen verses of chapter one.  This section is mostly prayer and I found myself meditating upon the verses, thinking about how I should be praying and thanking God for such beautiful and instructive words.  On this occasion I found Verses 9-12 to be especially beneficial.  Here Paul writes that he and his compassions have not “ceased” to pray for the Colossians, meaning that they have been consistent in prayer.  And how did they pray? 

1.  For filling of the knowledge of God’s will in spiritual wisdom and understanding

2.  That they would live a life pleasing to the Lord, bearing fruit and increasing in the knowledge of Him

3.  That they would have power and strength according to His might

4.  For them to have endurance and patience with joy

5.  That they would give thanks to the Father who saved them to an inheritance

What a great pattern of prayer!  This is a model for us to follow, for it not only reflects Paul’s heart, but also God’s heart. When teaching on prayer, I will likely focus upon a section like this one, for it is a perfect example of a God-centered prayer.  It is to know Him more that is our joy and our ultimate end.


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